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Germany is one of the most attractive destinations for shopaholics. Basically, you might be attracted not only by huge shopping centers but also by the low prices that appear to be good enough even between seasonal sales. And if you plan on tax-free shopping, you only need to buy goods for 25 euros! Where do lovers go to spend their money during the honeymoon?
If it exists, you can find it here - from bargain deals to haute couture, traditional to cutting edge, international to the typically German. A shopping tour in Germany - always quick and easy to reach and offering gratifyingly good value.
Chic shopping districts like Königsallee in Düsseldorf, Kaufingerstraße in Munich and the Outlets in Metzingen are just as alluring as they are fantastic outlets and architecturally outstanding shopping centers. In many cities just taking a stroll through the Old Town turns into a shopping spree. Whether you are looking for typically German produce or international fashion at bargain basement prices, the fulfillment of your greatest and smallest desires is the first priority when shopping in Germany. Get shopping! Discover boundless entertainment. From the trendy to the elite, you will find shopping in Germany simply irresistible.
The Euro is the legal currency in Germany. One euro is equivalent to 100 cents. A nationwide network of ATMs at various banks and savings banks enables cash to be withdrawn at your convenience 24/7. In addition, most shops and restaurants accept various electronic payment methods such as Girocard, MasterCard and Visa as well as other credit cards.
Travellers from countries outside the European Union can also benefit from tax-free shopping in many stores throughout Germany. This gives you in-store discounts of up to 19%.
Most shops in Germany are open from Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 8 pm. Smaller shops and boutiques often close earlier at 6.30 pm. On Sundays and holidays all shops are strictly closed.
There are special exceptions for gas stations and shops in tourist resorts and at railway stations and airports, which are often open on Sundays and holidays. Certain pharmacies also offer 24-hour service. In many areas bakeries are open on Sunday mornings and sell the bread rolls typical of Germany directly from the oven for a pleasant Sunday breakfast.
Polar West Germany travel planners are committed to making each shopping tour irresistible, unique and full of unforgettably moving moments.

Munich - Kaufingerstraße

The absolute record for the number of passers is-14,130 people – has put the Munich street Kaufingerstraße. In the west its borders head to the central square of the Bavarian capital Marienplatz, and ends at the intersection of Färbergraben and Augustinerstraße. So whether  you want to admire the medieval architecture and all of its beauty, seeing the multi-storied department stores and shoppers with dozens of colorful bags in each hand, you’re bound to forget, too, about the sights and betray rampant shopping! This place is so unique that it gives you an opportunity to have all of the hot trends of Germany in one single location. Just enjoy the heaven for the shopaholics and remember that you are the one to get the best sales ever.

Frankfurt - Zeil

On the street there is a huge number of various shops to suit every taste and wallet. This place daily hosts  12,040 people according to the study. With the greatest number of buyers it  attracted by the open in 1992, a huge department store Zeilgalerie. A huge 10-storey commercial complex created by a unique spiral design: you can walk on it without using stairs or escalators do here we do haters of the mechanical parts.

Cologne - Schildergasse

Rather than 500-meter lane moved from Neumarkt to Hohen Straße. There are always many people both locals and visitors. They are people who simply want to see the main attractions – the house Mirrweiler, old pharmacy and a church Goldhofapotheke Antonienkirche. At Schildergasse represented “a complete set of” basic German department stores. In their hour of the day off were 12,115 fans to walk around the shops. This means that the street has a lot to offer to the visitors

Stuttgart - Königstraße

1.2-kilometer Royal Street was constructed in 1806. It starts at the forecourt Arnulf-Klett-Platz and runs southwest to Rotebühlplatz. Königstraße attract tourists to the major sights – old and new palaces on Schloßplatz in the center of the street. In the pedestrian zone are not only popular boutiques, but also the Stock Exchange, the Museum of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. Within an hour on this street were 11,180 people.

Hamburg - Spitaler Straße

It turned out that the primacy among the shopping streets in Hamburg belongs to Spitaler Straße, because there in the output went to 10,925 customers. This is a cool place for the shopaholics. You’ll definitely get the feeling that you are among your “natives”. To navigate to the shops on opposite sides of the street, you do not even have to cross a road – Spitaler Straße completely given to pedestrians. Isn’t this simply cool? Imagine a whole street designed especially for the shopping.

Münster - Ludgeristraße

This street is for the lovers of  bright, stylish and unconventional way, outfits regardless of the  fashion trends. Especially for the freaks in it are numerous exclusive shops with unique items.While ordinary stores in this place are small, encountered here, of course it is also a place where tourists or ordinary citizens  choose to sit in one of the many cafes. On this street at the time of the study on a Saturday shopping involved 9,390 people, which is a big number for such a place.

Hamburg -Mönckebergstraße

Cologne - Hohe Straße

680-meters of street, located between Wallrafplatz and Hohe Pforte, first appeared in ancient Roman times and today it is considered to be one of the busiest trade routes in Germany.Perhaps attracted 10,350 buyers here that on the street are waiting for absolutely everyone, regardless of the income. The range of goods in local shops is very wide: from the cheapest  things with interesting appearance, and of good clothes for the middle class to the incredibly expensive luxury goods.

Wiesbaden - Kirchgasse

Along with Langgasse lane Kirchgasse – a favorite address Wiesbaden for the shopaholics. This is the spot which hosts the most famous and expensive boutiques, jewelry stores and restaurants. By the way, Kirchgasse translated into English will sound  as “church lane”. This title has appeared thanks to the temple Mauritiuskirche, which was burned down in 1850 and is now in its place there is a Mauritius-Square, which is no less beautiful. Rents in these areas are about 130 euros per square meter, which makes Kirchgasse the second most expensive place in Germany after Frankfurt.Despite this, Kirchgasse shopping center has been chosen by a huge number of shopaholics between 13.00 and 14.00.

Nürnberg - Karolinenstraße

Karolinenstraße is the most popular shopping street  which situates in the heart of the old Nuremberg. Part of it is completely given to the pedestrians, so families with children can safely go shopping without worrying that the offspring will be under the wheels of the car.In addition, the street has many attractions, so it is quite possible to combine shopping with a cultural program. For a small Nuremberg in the street Saturday afternoon was an incredible number of passers-by – 10,700 people! This is a cool place for the family rest too.